Public Response – A Humbling Experience

A little less than a week ago the 2nd half of SMinterview aired on Kevin Smith’s podcasting site  The public response has been an incredible thing to behold. To say the audience’s feedback has been positive would be putting it mildly.

I have received communications from a wide variety of people, living all around the world. Hundreds of letters have poured into my inbox exclaiming love and support for The Wayne Foundation. Each message had a common factor; people felt inspired. Inspiration to do good in this world. Inspiration to triumph over adversity. Inspiration to find forgiveness.

I never anticipated my story would generate such an impassioned response. I assumed we would raise a little bit of start up money for The Wayne Foundation. The truth is, my expectations were low. This is surely due to a lack of confidence in myself; fearful of starting a risky entrepreneurial venture and guarding against past emotional scars. Now that my entire story has aired, the audience has completely proven me wrong. Not only do people care, they want to be part of my vision for the Wayne Foundation.

Simply put, the public response to my story and The Wayne Foundation has left me humbled. Every message I read pushes me to to strive harder to fight for those children currently victimized by sex trafficking. My fight against injustice has become Our fight, all because of a podcast. You all have made your passion and support apparent to me. I am dedicated to making The Wayne Foundation a success no matter how hard the journey may be. If we work as a T.E.A.M. I know together we can make this world a better place. The fight against sex trafficking is a battle that can not be won alone. Thank you for your support!


3 responses to “Public Response – A Humbling Experience

  1. dunno how I missed your first blog post but right on! A bedroom AND a blog for Jamie! Added to my blog list! I’m so glad to hear that the response has been so positive for you, although I’m hardly as surprised as you seem to be. I don’t think anyone with a heart and a conscience can listen to your story and NOT be moved. Certainly no one that I would want to associate with! Anyway keep up the awesome work! ttyl

  2. How did I not know you had a blog, Jamie?

    As usual, you continue to inspire and entertain in equal measures. I’m behind you and the foundation, 110%

  3. just think, you did that, feel proud xx

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